Directly at the exhibition! Haiwei Laser shines at the 4th Asia-Pacific Battery Show in 2019!

2019/08/21 Editor: Haiwei 1163

The annual SIMM Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition is themed on metal processing. The Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition is also an important stage for laser processing equipment manufacturers. What excellent products have we brought to you this time? Next, the editor will take you to see what products Haiwei Laser brings this time.

As everyone knows, with the advancement of science and technology and social development, more and more advanced technologies have been applied to industrial manufacturing. As a modern processing technology, laser technology plays a huge role in industrial production, not only greatly improving production efficiency, but also driving the development of related industrial chains. Intelligent manufacturing 2025 has become the main theme of current industrial development. The application of lasers is gradually developing in the direction of greater power, faster speed, and smarter production. The rapid development of the consumer electronics market also puts forward higher requirements for processing accuracy. Laser precision processing Technology faces more opportunities and challenges. Our Haiwei Laser has 17 years of professional laser welding system and industry application experience and won the title of CCTV laser equipment industry preferred brand. We are determined to become a mainstream supplier of laser equipment at home and abroad, and provide high-quality laser equipment solutions for domestic and foreign users.

As of March 31, 2019, the four-day 2019 SIMM Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition has successfully concluded. This year’s SIMM Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition was splendid. Many famous domestic and foreign laser, optical, and photoelectric display companies gathered together to bring various new products to “compete on the same stage” and attract the audience’s attention with their “black technology”. The scene was extremely lively!

At this exhibition, Haiwei Laser brought a comprehensive application of laser technology and brand-new laser “smart” products, providing key product solutions for intelligent manufacturing for this exhibition.

Laser welding robot

The 6-axis robotic laser welding system is equipped with the country’s leading fiber laser, HW professional laser optics and control system. It has very high flexibility, can complete the three-dimensional processing of complex workpieces, and is suitable for the production requirements of changeable workpieces. Suitable for three-dimensional three-dimensional laser welding. The welding trajectory is flexible and convenient, and it can be equipped with vision and seam tracking systems to realize more automated laser welding.

Widely used in: auto parts, sinks, kitchens and bathrooms, home appliance hardware, sheet metal chassis, doors and windows and other industries, flexible laser welding system, easy-to-product transfer chip lasers can all be connected to the robot system.

High-power continuous fiber welding machine

Using leading high-power fiber laser, laser power 1000-6000W, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, high welding efficiency, 3-5 times the general welding speed, intelligent operation, flexible and reliable, to achieve more precise and perfect welding. The CCD LCD monitoring and inspection system can be equipped with automatic vision and seam tracking system to correct the welding position in real time according to the welding bead condition of the product to achieve precise welding and a more beautiful welding surface. The HW series of patented welding technology makes the application of laser welding more extensive and helps the upgrading and innovation of traditional manufacturing.

3-axis laser automatic welding machine

It has strong adaptability and wide application range. Typical application areas: batteries, consumer electronics, solar panels, auto parts, hardware kitchenware, medical equipment, sensors, molds, jewelry, glasses, stainless steel doors and windows and other industries.

Handheld laser welding machine

The handheld laser welding machine is equipped with international high-quality optical fiber, which is flexible, convenient and easy to operate. It overturns the working mode of the previous laser welding machine. It can realize indoor and outdoor welding. The operation mode of the handheld welding gun can weld the workpiece at any angle. Suitable for various complex welding seams, spot welding of various devices, widely used in stainless steel industry, kitchen and bathroom, home appliances, advertising, handicrafts, molds, furniture, auto parts industries, etc.

During the exhibition, the booth was full of popularity, and the products also received a lot of praise from the audience. They showed and explained our latest product series and technology to the audience, and further narrowed the distance with the market customers.

Through the display of this exhibition, some obvious trends can be found. First of all, from the perspective of the entire market, intelligent manufacturing has received further attention in the industry, and the market for laser processing is still expanding. Secondly, domestic laser manufacturers have made significant progress, and the laser market demand is differentiated. Although the market for laser processing is still expanding, due to differences in equipment characteristics in different fields, customized laser products are also a major trend. Weilaser focuses on serving manufacturing enterprises and solution providers, promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises, improving industrial competitiveness, and realizing Made in China 2025.

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