Company introduction

Shenzhen Haiwei Laser Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on laser welding robot, Small handheld laser welding machine, laser marking machine and other products, It is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. It has 17 years of professional laser welding system R&D and industry application experience. Provide professional high-precision automatic laser welding solutions. Haiwei Laser has 17 years of professional laser welding system research and development and industry application experience, providing professional high precision 3C digital products, battery, Hardware PlasticKitchen and bathroom, Car, Mechanical mold manufacturing, military aviation, precision electronic components, jewelry and other industries have been praised and recognized.

Based on the Shenzhen headquarters, Guangzhou branch, Tianjin office, and Suzhou office as the source, combined with the majority of distribution partners, the product & program service covers the whole country, providing more professional and timely technical consulting guidance and after-sales service guarantee for our customers Protect customer rights and continue to create value.

Determined to become a mainstream supplier of laser equipment at home and abroad, and provide high-quality laser equipment solutions for domestic and foreign users.

Double High-tech Enterprise

Corporate culture

Business philosophy

Quality, innovation, efficiency, service

Service Purpose

Taking customers as the center and creating value for customers!

Corporate Mission

Haiwei focuses on and serves manufacturing enterprises

Committed to becoming the leading domestic industrial laser welding equipment solution

Scheme suppliers, improve China's equipment manufacturing

Promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises and enhance industrial competitiveness

Realize Made in China 2025

Honor and Qualification

Cooperative customers

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Company environment

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