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Laser soldering system
Laser soldering system

Laser soldering system

Product Series:Laser soldering system

Technical Support:Customizable

Application field:Suitable for electronic components spot welding, drag welding, sintering, heating and automation of special welding techniques on automated production lines, etc.

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Haiwei laser soldering machine system adopts advanced semiconductor laser, high-precision motion control system and precise tin wire feeding mechanism. Ensure the quality of each solder joint. It is suitable for electronic component spot welding, drag welding, sintering, heating and automation of special welding techniques on automated production lines, etc. It has the characteristics of real-time high-precision control of the temperature of the welding object, especially suitable for the existence of solder joints that cannot withstand high temperatures High-precision soldering of parts and thermal components.

  • 1. High soldering efficiency, especially suitable for mass production of multiple solder joints. It can complete the processing of dozens of solder joints at a high speed in one step;
  • 2. Excellent welding effect, full solder joints, good consistency;
  • 3. CCD imaging dynamically observes the welding process, laser, CCD, and red light are coaxial at three points to avoid complicated debugging;
  • 4. The coaxial CCD imaging system allows the solder joints to be clearly presented in real time;
  • 5. The tin feeding device can rotate 360°;
  • 6. Haiwei laser professional software control system.

model HW-FWD60 HW-FWD100 HW-FWD150
Requirements of power supply AC220V/±10%,50Hz AC220V/±10%,50Hz AC220V/±10%,50Hz
equipment power 1KW 1.2KW 1.5KW
Laser power 60W 100W 150W
Wavelength 980nm 980nm 980nm
Work area 300*200mm
input/output I/O RS232
Localization way Red diode indicator (option ccd)
Feedback mode Infrared feedback (optional)
Cooling way Wind

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