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Automated customized laser welding system
Automated customized laser welding system

Automated customized laser welding system

Product Series:Automated customized laser welding system

Technical Support:Customizable

Application field:

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<h3>Product introduction of automatic welding production line:</h3>
The laser welding production line can realize the welding of many types of materials, and laser welding usually has many advantages that other fusion welding processes cannot match, especially for welding thin-plate alloy materials that are difficult to weld in the aviation and automotive industries, such as aluminum alloys, etc. , And the structural parts are not deformed, the joint quality is high, and the reproducibility is good. Laser welding production line has become a standard process in the automobile industry. Tailor welding of Xu body panels can weld metal plates with different thicknesses and different surface coatings together, and then punch them. The panel structure made in this way can achieve a reasonable metal combination.
<h3>System configuration:</h3>
<li>Fiber laser, water cooler</li>
<li>Precision positioning table and pressing system</li>
<li>With weld tracking and quality inspection system</li>
<li>Auxiliary systems such as loading and unloading</li>
<h3>Device function:</h3>
Automatic thin plate laser tailor-welding production line can automatically complete stack conversion, loading positioning, laser tailor-welding, weld tracking, quality inspection, finished product sorting, sheet turning, shallow pit processing, blanking palletizing and automatic stacking area selection Etc.-series automated production process
<h3>Process flow:</h3>
The loading rotary table rotates and loads, and the two pieces of material enter the working area at the same time. Two loading robots with end pickers at the end pick up the two pieces of material and place them on the centering clamping table. Automatic positioning, clamping and centering, the laser head moves along the welding seam while butt welding two pieces of material. The lateral discharging device pulls out the welded formed steel plate, and the steel plate enters the blanking station. The blanking robot completes the blanking, which is placed on the blanking rotary table and stacked.

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