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In the manufacturing process, the parts of the motor can be connected with a laser welding machine to realize high-strength material connection, and the material structure can be refined after welding. After the product is welded by the motor motor laser welding machine, the weld seam has a high aspect ratio and perfect flatness.

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Solution advantage

  • In-depth research and tracking services

    The Haiwei laser technical team has in-depth understanding and discussion from the customer's application material, shape, thickness, process, real-time detection and other aspects, and conducts optimized design, laser welding equipment selection and program customization, and exerts greater benefits.

  • Intelligent job management

    The laser welding process data is integrated in the management software system, making it easier to call and switch. Real-time control of each process parameters, data and other incoming information, etc., can quickly query and analyze and process in time, and control the overall situation.

  • Higher quality, higher precision

    Laser welding has high energy density, small welding deformation, and small heat-affected zone, which can effectively improve the accuracy of the parts. The welding seam is smooth and free of impurities, uniform and compact, and no additional grinding work is required.

  • Double efficiency, cost savings

    Laser welding can be precisely controlled, with a small focus spot, high-precision positioning, and easy automation with a mechanical arm, which improves welding efficiency, reduces working hours, and reduces costs.

  • Improve capacity delivery strength

    While maintaining performance stability, it realizes 24-hour uninterrupted continuous automatic work to improve customer production capacity and product delivery capabilities.

  • Strong compatibility and wide application

    A wide range of weldable materials and the realization of welding between different materials, based on intelligent applications, can solve the problems of incompatibility of many specification systems, production rhythm and efficiency.

Advantages of cooperation

  • 17 years of laser welding application experience

    17 years of laser welding application experience

    Mastering the core technology of laser welding, we can customize overall solutions and supporting products for customers. At present, it has provided services for many domestic and foreign top 500 customers and many listed group companies, with more than 1,000 case customers.

  • Professional technical level, lean product quality

    Professional technical level, lean product quality

    The company has experienced and strong technical level of mechanical design, software programming, electrical automation, parts processing, assembly and debugging, after-sales team, has 23 patents/intellectual property rights, passed CE/FC/ROHS and other safety and quality certifications, from software and hardware Technology and product quality are all at the upper level and are well-known.

  • full 1v1 one-stop service experience

    Full 1v1 one-stop service experience

    From technical consultant research, solution planning and design, product selection and even customized supply, to installation and commissioning, operation training guidance, after-sales service guarantee and follow-up technical consultation, all services are provided by one company.

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